Carol Tingle

Voice Studio

For over fifty years, Carol Tingle has been a professional classical singer, voice teacher of all styles of music, a choral director, and music educator. During all of those 50 years, her great passion has been working with singers in supporting their pursuit of excellence in voice training and performance, as well as their dreams of professional careers.

Lessons & Workshops

Carol’s students have sung in productions of LA Opera, at Lincoln Center on Broadway and in National Tours as well as local Community Theater. She has worked with many singer/songwriters as well as with pop/rock singers on national tours. Her students have also been among the finalists and semi-finalists of Young Arts and the Dorothy Chandler Spotlight Awards.

Carol Tingle Voice Studio is located in Santa Monica, California

Carol’s Philosophy

I feel that anyone who enters my voice studio deserves the very best that I can offer, and should expect that I have spent years training for the very moment that we come together. Everyone should expect that my passion of working with the singer/performer/individual, and my own continuing pursuit of knowledge of vocal technique is foremost in my professional life. Every person should expect that their own unique purpose for studying voice is honored and respected regardless of their particular need or level of accomplishment. While there are basic fundamentals of vocal technique, each and every singer is different. Each singer needs to feel that the individual issues have been acknowledged and addressed accordingly.

People seek to study voice, or “take voice/singing lessons,” for a myriad of reasons. The professional singer of any style of music knows that they cannot evaluate their own vocal technique. Wisely, and sometimes from experience, they know/have learned that they must rely upon a trusted professional to continually assess vocal performance so that their voice can withstand the rigorous demand and even marathon of a professional career. Many are involved in the audition process and need to be at their very best so that they might be selected for the jobs and roles that they seek. Many adolescents are studying voice to build a foundation in vocal technique that will lead to a career in music.

There are also many who are not seeking a career and who find it equally fulfilling and rewarding to sing, and learn to sing well. For many, singing provides a sense of well- being that enhances their life in significant ways. Equally important is that some are shy or introverted and are seeking to open to just being heard.

Whatever the reason a person comes into my studio for a lesson, I feel that each singer deserves to feel valued equally – professional or non-professional. From the time the lesson begins, the singer is my sole focus. My intent is that the time spent with me has given the singer the finest of whatever might be needed to meet their very unique need or goal.

Carol’s Journey

Why the Heart

My first venture into the world of meditation and consciousness came in an innocent and certainly unintended way. Following a difficult divorce, therapy, immersion in religion – I decided to take a class in Self-Hypnosis offered at Unity Church in San Luis Obispo – taught by Dr. Michael Emmons. I had no way of knowing that Michael was a gifted therapist, taught in the Psychology Dept. at Cal Poly, was the co-author of the first book of assertiveness training: Your Perfect Right, and also was one of the co-founders of the spiritual centers in San Luis Opispo, The Mustard Seed Foundation – now called the Center For Creative Expression.

Michael’s beginning training consisted of having the group focus their complete attention on an object – at that time, any object. During the stress of divorce since I was having trouble sleeping, I was able to practice this art at very important times – and felt the benefit of feeling at least a bit more quiet.

I always find that one experience leads to many paths that I hadn’t considered, and this choice certainly did. Through a friend I became connected to The Mustard Seed Foundation in San Luis Obispo, California, in the early 1980’s where the emphasis of the training was to focus on the heart center. Gifted teachers taught classes for many of us who became a collective of individuals who were exploring spirituality in many each for our own unique reason. I think of that period of my life and those individuals at the time, place and the people with whom I grew up spiritually.

By 1986 even through I had read everything I could find my hands on to read, gone to every class I could find to take from a wide array of talented and dedicated teachers, explored spirituality and metaphysical information as deeply as I could at the time, I realized that I felt that I could not fully surrender fully in meditation.

One of my fellow seekers at that time brought a gifted teacher, Conrad Satala M.A, from Ft. Wayne, Indiana, to the San Luis Obispo area periodically. He was not only a clinical psychologist, but also more knowlegable about the human energy system than anyone that I had worked with to that point in my life.

The connection with Conrad came at a critical transformational time in my life – for the teacher always appears when the student is ready. Due to a carbon monoxide leak in my classroom in a relatively new school where I had been teaching for 8 years, I had vocal cord damage and was forced to go on leave of absence from teaching for 5 months as a Workers Comp mandate.

Being a professional singer, choral director, and music specialist for many years – my career and sense of identity having totally depended on my voice for my entire life, this was indeed a time of crisis. At that time I was perfectly happy with my goal of being able to speak clearly – let alone sing professionally ever again.

Conrad saw more possibility than I even dared dream at that point. He worked with the focus of meditation, energetic explorations, life being focused from the heart center – and his philosophy I found was that healing is a natural a result of one being vitally committed to one’s own creative process. Of course, I’ve oversimplified and capsulized a lifetime philosophy, but for the sake of the description of my own creative journey, I’ll leave the description overly brief.

I found in my exploration of centering at the heart level new levels of silence than I had never known. I found new awareness, endless inner spaces, and always options. When “my heart was NOT open,” I could see or feel no options, I felt stuck, …. etc., and the quality life just didn’t feel the same. I certainly learned and experienced constant awareness about all of the other energy centers, etc., but in opening the heart and allowing my own creative process to open, I felt able to risk feeling true passion — which became my pathway of creating a new life.

I found that daring to spend the time in the inner spaces was more effective than any experience I had ever known. It felt like a rich soufle in the making – the more time I spent in the spaces and the more I could allow my body to connect with these new and more expansive feelings, the more I could allow of my life’s possibilities, and my feelings about life to unfold, change and expand right in front of my eyes. I could more easily move through changes which would occur – that were often difficul,t and at one time would have stopped me in my tracks. The more I surrendered to the inner work, the more I could feel my passion for life return, and certainly my sense of purpose.

For three years I traveled to Los Angeles where I worked with a marvelous speech therapist, Dr. Al Lavorato, and after five months of not being allowed to sing began my singing training with Nate Lam, Cantor of Steven S. Wise Temple in Los Angeles. As I drove the 200 miles in one day – usually once a week – I always knew that whoever drove to Los Angeles was not the same person who returned home. I loved singing again, I thrived and felt a sense of passion and purpose that I had never felt in all my life. For when my singing was taken away was when I found out how truly important it was to me. It was one of the most important transformations in all of my life. I think of it as an adjustment in my life’s course!

For those three years while I returned to the classroom in San Luis Obispo, I continued deep inner exploration of spiritual/creative principles. I also traveled once a week to Los Angeles to work on my voice with these highly skilled teachers each a revered expert in their field. After three years I was led to move to Los Angeles where I continued my intense quest of my inner journey working still working with Conrad as well as another beloved teacher, Carolyn Conger, who just happened to move to Santa Monica at the same time asI did!

I apprenticed with Nate Lam sitting hours a day with him in his studio as he taught voice lessons to all levels and styles of singers – a gift for which I will always be eternally grateful. While Nate an I are both classical singers, I was able to experience the depth of classical technique used as the foundation for all styles of singing. I continued to study voice with Nate for over 11 years as well as coached with my dear friend, Sara McFerrin. After living in Los Angeles for a year it became clear to me that I would not return to the incredibly beautiful community of San Luis Obispo – (where everyone from LA was moving!), but would instead resign my teaching position after 25 years in the classroom and open a private voice studio in Santa Monica where I continue to teach until this day.

Praise For Carol